It was Tuesday evening when I realized I had not blogged (last week). At that point, I figured I might as well wait until next week. Not that I lacked anything to blog about, actually quite the opposite. My dear friend Amy, from Oregon, was in town and we went camping too.


Friday night, David and I joined his family up American Fork Canyon for camping. This was Theo’s first camping experience. He loved all of it but the night time. We weren’t sure if he disliked the smoke, the vast openness or the darkness outside. He did great in the tent sleeping though.


Our campsite.


After picking up Amy, we drove straight to Silver Lake to show off a little bit of Utah’s canyons.


Me, Amy, and David, at Silver Lake.


David needed to change his camera’s film. Yes, he has started using his film camera again.


It was so refreshing to have Amy here in Utah, and I am so glad she extended her family trip a little to spend it with me.


Silver Lake is such a great spot to take family and friends. It offers such a variety, from fields to water, and forests to wildlife.





After Silver Lake, we headed downtown Salt Lake to eat at one of David’s and my favorite resturant, Squatters.




The day after Amy left, we headed back out to our spot, La Callie Trail.


Theo was so close to jumping in the water.






Down at the River on La Callie Trail.





We headed out to Bloods Lake on Saturday to enjoy a warm summer’s day. Except the day was cold, and the water was even colder.




Theo enjoyed playing with his dog friends.


We were also so proud of Theo for getting in the water on his own and swimming out to us in the lake!




While Theo was swimming, he got close to me and these are the marks he left behind.


After swimming we all relaxed on the hillside next to the lake. Sarah took a selfie with her dogs and Ashley in the background.


David enjoyed his hammock too.


Theo is so difficult to pose. He is so happy and excited he is always moving. That means he usually turns out in a black blur. These were the best photographs of him I could get.




My artistic compositions.




To get to Bloods Lake you hike down a very short but steep hill. That means to leave, you must hike up.


View from the top of Bloods Lake, looking East.



Sarah, Ashley, Bryce, and David.



Indie, Georgia, Bentley, and Theo.



After Bloods Lake, we met up with David’s family in Sandy for the Balloon Festival. Sadly, after this photo was taken, the wind picked up and thunderstorms rolled in, so they canceled the balloons.


Me and David, waiting for the balloons.


After the rain stopped the music started.


As if the weekend wasn’t already fun enough, we drove up Mill Creek Canyon at midnight to watch the meteor shower. I saw only one before the clouds rolled in and the view was blocked.


On Sunday, David and I enjoyed a relaxing day at home, which included a trip to our apartment’s pool.



NOTE: I will not be posting next week since David and I will be in Oregon for our Petersen Family Eclipse Trip! I’ll see you all the weekend after next. Love you.