I hope you all have a spooky and yummy Halloween!


The trees outside my work window are simply to die for in the fall. The base is a bright green and turns shades of yellow, orange, to finish in burning red at the top.


Saturday evening, we headed up to Brighton Ski resort for a little Halloween dance party.


Sarah, Ashley, Bryce, David, Me, Paden, and Royce.



We didn’t realize there would be a hike from the parking lot, but it wasn’t terribly long or unbearably steep. These little pumpkins led our way.


Sunday, David and I drove up to Station Park, in Farmington, Utah to spend some time in a beautiful outdoor mall.


I love that there is outdoor furniture everywhere for people to sit and enjoy the fountain.




The outdoor mall is styled after a European town. It sure takes me back.


My very yummy Green Apple and Vanilla Italian Soda.


David with his pop concoction.


We finally carved our Halloween pumpkins. Mine is on the left and is supposed to be a cute cyclops. David went for a very scary jack-o-lantern.


We also painted our little pup pumpkins. David did Boston’s and did a very cute likeness.


I took Theo’s and did an abstract interpretation.