Every year we have a special day to think back on what we are thankful for. I enjoy this. I wish I had that thankful attitude more often throughout the year.

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This year has brought many things in my life that I am truly grateful for. I have a man in my life who I love so much. He has blessed me in so many ways, I cannot begin to express. I am most thankful that he asked me to marry him!

I have a family who is close, loving, and supportive of one another. I have a sister who has fought cancer and is defying the odds. I have parents who I can count on for support and guidance. I have a job that is rewarding and challenging. I have so many more things in my life to be thankful for.

This Thanksgiving was the first away from my family, in a long time. Since I couldn’t make it home, I invited my parents to come to Utah for Thanksgiving and we had a very fun weekend.


My mom and I started out Thanksgiving morning with a 5k. David, his father Jossy, and sister Khemia all ran the 5k. Kristin, Beth, and her husband Mike all ran the half marathon.


Me and Mom before the race.


Even though it was the 23rd of November, the crisp morning air was warmer than it should have been.


I was quite surprised just how many people ran Thanksgiving morning.


Mom and I kept a good pace and passed many people.


The 5k was perfect for a day filled with eating two thanksgiving meals.


We finished! I did the 5k faster than the first one this past summer.


David finished his 5k run even though he has been sick for the last month.


That afternoon, my folks, David and I drove up to Clearfield, Utah for a Petersen Thanksgiving meal with aunts, uncles, and cousins.


18 pies in total this year didn’t compare to a previous years of 41! (not all pies showing)


Later Thanksgiving evening, we all went over to David’s folks house for a very proper Thanksgiving dinner.


The decor was simply stunning!




Khemia hand wrote these beautiful place cards.


After Thanksgiving dinner, I did something I am not proud of. I participated in Black Friday. Needless to say, I vow to never do it again.


The following day, my Dad took David and I to the gun range to try out some guns.


David did really good for having not shot since he was 12.


Dad only shot to make sure the guns were working properly. Look close and you can see the fire coming out of the barrel on Dad’s and my photo.


I am proud to say I hit the bullseye on every shot!


We also filled the weekend with many card games.


Uncharacteristically, I did not win any games.


The parents treated us to a dinner out on Friday night at Squatters.


After dinner we walked Temple Square to view the lights.


This was Mom and Dad’s first time seeing the Lights on Temple Square.


Me, Mom, and David.





Me and David.


We slipped in the Tabernacle to see if there were any evening concerts, but there was only an organist practicing.




Mom and Dad.



Since we didn’t cook any Thanksgiving meal ourselves, I bought a turkey breast so we could have some traditional Petersen Turkey sandwiches.


Sunday morning, Mom, Dad, and I attended the concert, Music and the Spoken Word, back in the Tabernacle.





Mom, Dad, and I.


Other activities this weekend included breakfast with my aunt Merrilee  and uncle Randy, and their awesome children (my cousins), shopping, football games, and so much more. It was such a great weekend with my folks.