I remember as a child, trekking out into the national forest, boots laced up, coat zipped, staring up at each tree. Searching for a fresh tree and cutting it down is a fond memory I hold. Year after year we would obtain a permit to located, cut, and remove our family’s 24 foot tall Christmas Tree. Yes, 24 feet tall! While those days are gone, they have not faded from my memory.

Things are a little different now. I don’t go out to cut a fresh tree, instead I pull the Christmas tree from the garage and assemble it in the living room. We don’t get ladders out with a long pole to get lights at the very tip top, instead I stand and reach the top.  We don’t tie the tree up to the windows to keep it standing, instead, we have a simple tree-stand at the base. Things might have changed, but the feelings of this time of season are still there. Friends, giving, and decorations bring the season together, for me.


Sammy June and her mom asked me out to dinner before Sam’s flight back to California, on Monday. I was grateful that I got to see them, even if for a little bit.


Mom and Dad asked me to go down to Temple Square and purchase a goat for a developing country.


This vending machine allows people locally to buy supplies that will be delivered to those in need in developing countries.


The goat purchase is complete.


David and I spent Saturday evening decorating the apartment. This is our first Christmas in this apartment together.


I love this Christmas tree. Skinny, tall, and filled with white lights.



Ornaments from David’s and my first Christmas together.


I love that we have real pines cones in our tree. Just bringing more of the outdoors inside.


Picture from our first Christmas together.


Our friend Dan invited us and our dogs over for a doggie brunch play date. Boston struggled at first, but after going outside he warmed up nicely and began to play with the other dogs.


Dan’s Piper played and then got shy. She went back and hit behind the fence.


One of this years new decorations. I added the gold berries. Maybe I’ll add something else next year.