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The First Weeks of Christmas

I suppose the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is here. I missed last week and nearly missed today’s posting. I looked through my photos and only found five to share! Let’s just say our spare time these past two weeks have been filled with Christmas shopping and … house hunting!

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Things to be Thankful For

Every year we have a special day to think back on what we are thankful for. I enjoy this. I wish I had that thankful attitude more often throughout the year.

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Wedding Venue Searching

While only feeling partially healthy, David and I headed out into the canyon to start looking for venues for our wedding. I had done quite a bit of research already on locations, but we wanted to see them in person in the season our wedding would take place. The location for the ceremony was absolutely perfect.


The surrounding view from the ceremony location.


The ceremony location.


The area close to the ceremony spot will provide some beautiful spots for photographs as well.


On Sunday, we headed up the canyon once again to Silver Lake, before it gets completely snowed in.


The fall colors with dusted snow was a magical scene.






It was a little colder than we expected, but at least we brought jackets.





Silver Lake is quiet possibly one of my favorite spots in Utah.



On the drive down the canyon, this distant vista was celestial.


The fall colors are prime on the mountain sides right now.



Sunday night, Brooke and Jaycee stopped by for dinner. Jaycee fell in love with little Boston. She tried to sneak him out more than a few times.


David, Jaycee (holding Boston), Brooke, Me (with Theo). This was only our fourth try to get a photo.

Through Sickness and Health

Hello! I first want to tell you I have been sick over the last week and a half and didn’t even realize until Thursday that I did not blog. Sorry. So we are going to jump back in time for a just a little.


Two weekends ago, David’s family went to Lagoon. Our first ride was the bumper cars, which are my favorite.


David was such a good uncle and rode some of the smaller rides with his niece and nephews (nephew out of sight here).


I cannot do many rides, as my stomach does not take them well, so I appreciate David’s happiness to let me sit out most of the time.


We stayed in the park until almost closing time.


But jumped on the train as the farewell ride.


Two Sunday’s ago, David’s newest nephew, Beckham, was blessed. After the service, we met at a local park for brunch.


The food was yummy.


David has had some time to feed his little nephew. I think the two like each other.


Last weekend, we headed up to North Salt Lake, for David’s niece’s 6th birthday party!


She chose the most colorful cake and ice cream I have ever seen in my whole life.


While I was sick, I managed to convince David to take me to the Utah State Fair.


It was here, on the Ferris Wheel that I then proposed to David! Spoiler, he said yes!


Also, during the roughest night of being sick, David some how convinced me we should get a new puppy now, instead of waiting until next summer.


We are still finalizing a name, but have all but settled on, Boston.


He is such a tiny little ball of joy!


This weekend, my brother Nathan and sister-in-law Leaa were in town and we headed down to the BYU football game.


BYU forgot how to play football, but we still had a great time.

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