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A Little Bubble on the Weekend

What is colorful, fizzes, and wet? One of my favorite things to do when I need to relax is take a bath. Bath’s have become extra special at this new apartment because we have a garden tub. A garden tub is long, deep, and wide. So when the water is drawn, a drink is set to the side, and my music queued up, I need a little something to make the bath a little more—perfect. That is why I was so excited this week to find out David’s sister Beth, and mom Lydia were going to make homemade bath bombs. They invited me to take part and encouraged me to bring any essential oils I might have to contribute.

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Through Sickness and Health

Hello! I first want to tell you I have been sick over the last week and a half and didn’t even realize until Thursday that I did not blog. Sorry. So we are going to jump back in time for a just a little.


Two weekends ago, David’s family went to Lagoon. Our first ride was the bumper cars, which are my favorite.


David was such a good uncle and rode some of the smaller rides with his niece and nephews (nephew out of sight here).


I cannot do many rides, as my stomach does not take them well, so I appreciate David’s happiness to let me sit out most of the time.


We stayed in the park until almost closing time.


But jumped on the train as the farewell ride.


Two Sunday’s ago, David’s newest nephew, Beckham, was blessed. After the service, we met at a local park for brunch.


The food was yummy.


David has had some time to feed his little nephew. I think the two like each other.


Last weekend, we headed up to North Salt Lake, for David’s niece’s 6th birthday party!


She chose the most colorful cake and ice cream I have ever seen in my whole life.


While I was sick, I managed to convince David to take me to the Utah State Fair.


It was here, on the Ferris Wheel that I then proposed to David! Spoiler, he said yes!


Also, during the roughest night of being sick, David some how convinced me we should get a new puppy now, instead of waiting until next summer.


We are still finalizing a name, but have all but settled on, Boston.


He is such a tiny little ball of joy!


This weekend, my brother Nathan and sister-in-law Leaa were in town and we headed down to the BYU football game.


BYU forgot how to play football, but we still had a great time.

A Proper Proposal

I am engaged! I had no clue the day of or days leading up to it that it was going to happen. In fact I was planning to propose the day following. But Saturday evening, after David had left to “play with friends” he sent me a text to go look in his sock draw. The following adventure took me to some of the places that have special meaning in our relationship.

Once I arrived at Silver Lake I couldn’t resist the sunset, and snapped a few photographs.

Just around this corner there were some people stopped looking at a moose who was only 10 feet off the trail. I knew I needed to get past and they warned me he might come after me if I go. I told them I would risk it, and they said they would follow after me.


This is where my photographs stop and Ashley’s, from Foxwood Photo + Film, begin. Thank you Ashley for capturing these precious moments!






This is a close up of the ring! It is marble stone.

The Mackenzie and Henry Bookend Weekend

Once upon a time I made a friend in elementary school. The end. Just kidding. But in all realness, Mackenzie became a very close friend and is one of the nicest, sweetest people I know. Then she married Henry who is one of the greatest people I know. So the two of them are like a modern millennial power couple. I was so honored and happy to get to spend so much time with them this past week.
Oh and I hope they don’t mind, but Henry and Mackenize are also two of the most dynamic writers I have ever known on planet Earth. So I am going to link their blogs here without asking their permission.
Read and you will not be disappointed.
On Tuesday, Mackenzie’s Mom, Jennifer, sang with a jazz band and we were all in for a wonderful treat!
Mackenzie and Henry even got up for a little dance together. So sweet!
I volunteered with the non-profit I am taking classes from, American’s for Prosperity, at the Utah State Republican Convention. It was so crowded, but I enjoyed talking to people and signing them up for more information.
I also went over to the Equality Utah table, after a friend told me they were at the convention. I thanked them for representing at a place gay people are often not welcomed. They said the response they have been receiving was wonderful. That made me happy.
American’s for Prosperity at the Utah State Republican Convention.
After I finished at the Republican Convention, I went over the Libertarian Convention. The difference between the two was so stark. The Libertarian Convention was small, more policy focused and very interesting. Because I was agreeing with nearly everything that was said I decided this is the politcal party for me.
Voting at the Libertarian Convention.
David got his Virtual Reality (VR) set in the mail and brought it over to try it out. It is one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced. Certainly something everyone should try and something that is—the future!
David’s Oculus VR set.
Monday evening, David and I went over to Mackenzie and Henry’s for some pizza and games. I laughed so hard and for so long, I might have developed a six pack in one night! I certainly love these people so very much and am proud to call them my friends.
Me, David, Mackenzie, and Henry.
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