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A Tale of Two Theos

Theo started this week out as a happy-go-lucky, playful pup. He ended the week with staples and medication.

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Things to be Thankful For

Every year we have a special day to think back on what we are thankful for. I enjoy this. I wish I had that thankful attitude more often throughout the year.

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Late Nights

Thursday, around 1:00 am, David woke up with shooting pains in his left shoulder and left chest. His heart rate was elevated. He had a fever. He was not doing well. We called my mom and his sister and they both encouraged us to take him into the ER. So to the ER we went. After several tests and crossing several other issues off the list, it was determined David and pneumonia. We got home about 6:00 am and slept until 11:00am. I took the day off work to sleep and get David’s medicine and other needs. Luckily, David is doing much better today.


We first got to the ER around 1:30 am.


We had a great nurse and nice doctors who took care of David throughout the night.


The morphine got David a little loopy, but helped ease the pain.


After many hours awake, when we should have been sleeping, we were able to go home.


Sunday night, with David starting to feel better, we decided to make Apple Fritters at his parents home.


This is a recipe David has made before, but this was by far his best batch.


I assisted in making the glaze and glazing the fritters.





The cook.




They were so delicious, they were more than half eaten before we finished making them all. However, they are best eaten fresh so it was a good thing.

When All You Want to Do Is Sleep

Well folks, I completed week #2 of being sick. I did go to work full time this week but it left me drained at the end of the day. I was looking forward to doing nothing this weekend but staying home. It’s funny though, that is exactly what I did (stay home and do nothing) but all I really want to do is feel better and go out and do something. Here’s looking at you next weekend!


David suggested we drive to get Saturday’s Waffles. It was a nice break to escape the house this weekend for a low key activity.


Every night and all through the weekend I had my two buddies there to cuddle with me. Isn’t Boston the cutest little snuggle buddy?

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