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Art, Wedding and Football Nights

As if we don’t have enough pieces of art in our home… Ha, there is no such thing as too much art.

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Christmas Time Is Here

Christmas has just barely passed and it already feels like weeks ago. Isn’t it crazy how time does that to us?

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Goin’ to the Country

Thursday night, David and I met his family at Cross E Ranch, in North Salt Lake City. This is the second year I have been to this small family farm.


Cross E Ranch has a hay slide, kids area, farm food, and more to enjoy.


The pumpkin patch was pretty picked over. I didn’t care too much as I was only wanting the pumpkins for photos.


This guy walked right into my shot, but he kinda made this photo what it is, so I am happy.


David wanted to Bee in my photo.


The ranch also had a corn kernel pit. This is a foot deep play area of corn kernels.


The hay slide, where David’s sister, Khemia, lost her wedding ring. Talk about a needle in a haystack. We never did find it.


We entered the corn maze twice. The first time we exited the same way we came in. The second time took much longer and we traversed most of the maze.


This weekend the boys had their share of relaxing and playing. They are starting to cuddle more and more, and it melts my heart.


Theo staring down his brother during a play session.


Boston might look innocent, but he is one tough puppy.


I then tried to pose the dogs. Boston posed all by himself without me having to retake any photos.


Theo does not pose. This is with the help of David in the background and the deletion of many blurry Theo photos.


If there is one thing these dogs love more than their humans, it is playing in the leaves.


They love to jump, catch, chase, and roll through the leaves.




Sunday, David and I went to scope our wedding reception venue. It was closed for another wedding but we were able to peek through the window. This is not the venue, but a historic house on the same land.


Autumn Bridge at Wheeler Farm.



We have enjoyed some beautiful sunsets this past week. Tonight’s just filled the room with a sense of warmth.

Wedding Venue Searching

While only feeling partially healthy, David and I headed out into the canyon to start looking for venues for our wedding. I had done quite a bit of research already on locations, but we wanted to see them in person in the season our wedding would take place. The location for the ceremony was absolutely perfect.


The surrounding view from the ceremony location.


The ceremony location.


The area close to the ceremony spot will provide some beautiful spots for photographs as well.


On Sunday, we headed up the canyon once again to Silver Lake, before it gets completely snowed in.


The fall colors with dusted snow was a magical scene.






It was a little colder than we expected, but at least we brought jackets.





Silver Lake is quiet possibly one of my favorite spots in Utah.



On the drive down the canyon, this distant vista was celestial.


The fall colors are prime on the mountain sides right now.



Sunday night, Brooke and Jaycee stopped by for dinner. Jaycee fell in love with little Boston. She tried to sneak him out more than a few times.


David, Jaycee (holding Boston), Brooke, Me (with Theo). This was only our fourth try to get a photo.

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