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2017 Total Solar Eclipse Video

2016 Petersen Family Reunion in Oregon

I have so many pictures to share with you this week from the Petersen Family Reunion! The day of everyone’s arrival I got to spend the morning and afternoon with some friends. I had breakfast with my Oregon Ladies, Amy and Karen. I also spent some time with Denise and Kavin Murray!
Karen, Amy, and Me.


Karen promising to start a blog! She pinky swore.
The roses in my parent’s back yard were full and did not disappoint.
Denise and Me.
Kavin and I got some frozen yogurt.
Kavin then waited for his sister Amy to pick him up.
Around 3:00 on Wednesday, the families started to roll in and the reunion began. We had a quick dinner at home and then headed out to the borrowed beach homes in Lincoln City, Oregon.
Aaron, and Carolyn brought a Hawaiian Ice Machine!
The view from one of the beach homes.
Some of the nieces and nephews.
Brody, Camryn, Sydney, Alex, Chalyce, Ainsley, Corinne, Lauren, and Jaycee.
Grandkids with Papa.
Lauren, Jaycee, Brody, Papa, Alex, Sydney, Corinne, Ainsley, Camryn, and Chalyce.
The play set next to Devil’s Lake, in Lincoln City, Oregon.
The nieces, nephews, and I started a game of tag.
Lauren, Camryn, Ainsley, Capri, Chalyce, and Me.
The play set had plenty of activities.
The drive to Pacific City, Oregon.
Greenery with mist is the typical Oregon Coast weather.
Pacific City, Oregon, never disappoints!
The funnest sand dune ever! Pacific City, Oregon.
Haystack Rock in the Pacific Ocean.
View from up the sand dune, in Pacific City, Oregon.
View out to the rocks.
Brody, Ainsley, and Lauren.
Kids touch some disgusting sea mess.
Lauren, Ainsley, Brody, and Camryn.
Siblings at the top of the sand dunes.
If you squint, you can see them on the crest.
Carolyn and Brooke making their way to the top.
Ainsley, Camryn, Brody, Corinne, and Chalyce.
Mom and Me.
Thursday evening, we headed over to Mo’s for dinner. We had quite the group, 27, but they held us all.
Mo’s restaurant.
The whole family, 27 strong!
Mural on the side of Mo’s.
Friday morning we took our family photos do near Depot Bay, Oregon.
I taught Ainsley how to give a “Chinese Massage”.
I am ready for the camera!
Nathan and Me.
The family during a pose change.
Grandkids and Grandparents.
Pops and Mom.
Carolyn being very artistic.
Aaron and Carolyn’s family.
Cody and Brooke’s family.
Nathan and Leaa’s family.
Aaron and Cody taking some pictures for their medical practice.
Pops showing Jaycee and Brody how to play a game.
The beach in Lincoln City, Oregon.
After a morning on the beach, we drove up into the Coastal Mountains for a family hike. The drive was as stunning as the beach!
Mom fell and got some battle wounds. Good thing we have 2 doctors in the family.
She is fine and was grateful this happened AFTER the family photos.
Drift Creek Falls Bridge.
Drift Creek Falls.
My sleeping arrangement for the remainder of the reunion.
Saturday morning we rented out a soccer facility and had a family game of soccer. Later in the day we went to Oaks Amusement Park for some fun.
Lauren, and Ainsley try to take on Nathan with Layla on his side. Brody watches on.
Picking teams.
Jaycee, Nathan with Layla, Brody, Aaron, Carolyn, Trent, Lauren, Chalyce, and Pops. Corrine, Ainsley and Alex.
Capri was not very happy she missed the ball.
Mom took care of the penalty box (screaming children)
Alex and Sydney on the front of the roller coaster.
Capri with Tori.
Brooke, Capri, and Tori.
Ainsley and I took a ride on the Ferris Wheel.
We could see downtown from the top of the wheel.
Saturday night, Aaron and Carolyn made us all several helpings of Hawaiian Shaved Ice.
Looking in on the family eating shaved ice.
Carolyn’s picture, of Aaron and Me on the hike.
Mom’s battle scars from the hike two days previously.
After church on Sunday, we all went for a stroll across the bridge in downtown Salem.
On our last day, Monday, we drove up to Beacon Rock, in the Columbia Gorge, on Washington’s side, and hiked to the top. The views were stunning and it was a fitting farewell for the family reunion.
The Columbia Gorge from the back seat of the car.
Beacon Rock.
About half way up the rock.
The trail consisted of 53 switch-backs, to get the to top.
At the top of Beacon rock!
Panoramic View at Beacon Rock.
another view of just some of the switch-backs.
My flight home to Utah.
David picked me up at the airport and brought me flowers!
I missed him so so much. It was great to see him again.

Oregon the Beautiful!

David and I snuck out to Oregon for a few days this past weekend. Even though I lived there for about 12 years, I fell in love with Oregon all over again. Seeing the state through David’s eyes, as he saw it for the first time, made me realize just how stunning and lush it really is.
Home sweet home, and a view to boot!
Watching the sunset over the Willamette River on our first night in Oregon.
The Willamette River.
We took my Mom’s Miata out to Silver Creek Falls.
The weather was begging us to put the top down.
South Falls at Silver Creek Falls.
David, ever the explorer.
South Falls through the trees is always a favorite view of mine.
Panorama shot showing the hike that goes behind the falls.
Watch out for the spray from the falls.
A little wet behind the falls, but definitely worth it.
South Falls from the ground.
After South Falls, we continued on to see the next water fall on the hike.
Part of the beauty of Oregon is the lush green ground.
As the day warmed up, the little river provided some cooling down.
Lower South Falls
Lower South Falls provides another walk behind water fall.
We caught a rainbow circling the sun.
Behind Lower South Falls.
After two waterfalls, we started back to the car.
Before we left Silver Creek Falls, we caught a glimpse of Oregon in all her glory.
Later that night, we headed out to Mill Creek Park.
When the water is higher there are wading pools and rock slides.
Friday, we did a morning in Portland and then drove out to Cannon Beach.
Don’t see the sun? Well, that is Oregon beach weather for you.
David loved going out to find critters, and Cannon Beach did not disappoint.
Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach.
Under Haystack Rock were some very very small tide pools.
I think David became King of the Sea.
David’s Polaroid!
After the beach, we came back to Salem and got to see my buddy, Kavin!
Kavin was in such a great mood, he even hugged my Mom!
Saturday, we headed out to Pacific City, Lincoln City and Depoe Bay with the Oregon Ladies.
Karen finally found an exploring buddy in David.
I kept my distance, but David found a lot of new creatures in Pacific City.
The waters of Depoe Bay behind us (didn’t turn out)
Depoe Bay, home of the world’s smallest navigable harbor.
Courtney, Karen, Amy, David, and I.
Photo bomb.
Sunday, after breakfast with my sister Leanne, we drove to the Ankeny Wildlife Refuge.
So many birds and frogs and more critters.
David said in the beginning of the walk he wanted to find slugs and snails. And he did!
The bird hut.
Sunday evening, we went up to stay with my brother Nathan, and his family.
Corinnes room was almost as pink as David’s shirt.
Monday morning, on our drive back to Utah, we stopped at Multnomah Falls.
Looking North, over the Columbia Gorge.
A huge thanks to my Mom and Dad who provided us with lodging and food. Sorry we could spend more time you with both, but I love ya!

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