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An Unconventional Valentines Day

Valentine celebrations are pretty predictable, but we had anything but a typical valentines this year. We spread the holiday over a few days and did things a little – oddly.

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A Tale of Two Theos

Theo started this week out as a happy-go-lucky, playful pup. He ended the week with staples and medication.

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One Year Older

What’s better than celebrating a birthday? Celebrating it several times.

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Questival 2017

140 challenges, 2 states, 400+ miles, 5 people, 732 teams, 24 hours and 2 hours of sleep. This is Questival. David, his sister Beth and her husband Mike, our friend Royce, and I took part in what is best described as a scavenger hunt / challenge race put on by Cotopaxi. We had a blast! When it was all done, we finished in 97th place out of 732 teams! What a weekend. I caught up for my lack of sleep Sunday morning. Before we dive into only a small fraction of the photos from Questival, I need to tell you about Theo.

Theo spent most of Thursday throwing up. We got worried enough that we took him into the vet. They did some x-rays to see if he had something blocking his digestive track, but the results came back inconclusive due to food in his stomach. Theo fasted and we took him back in the next day to have the x-rays re-done. Turns out there was no blockage and he was just sick. Thank goodness.


Theo was very docile while he was sick.


We are glad he is ok and will soon be back to his normal, playful self.


We learned Theo does not like the vet center. But who can blame him for that.


To complete a challenge in Questival, you must upload pictures or videos to Cotopaxi’s app of the specific challenge you completed. Challenges ranged from hugging a stranger to hiking peaks.


As an opening challenge, Mike hugged a different team’s member.


David played another team in a game of water pong.


Beth played another team in corn hole.


At the event kickoff, we got invited on stage. This was our view of the Questival teams we would soon be competing against.


The SLC Sunbeams team on stage at Questival!


Take a picture enjoying a sunset.


Make a smore with a new ingredient, while camping. Ingredient is cinnamon gummy bears.


Draw a lama with charcoal from your fire. ALSO, in every photo or video you have to display your team “Totem” which is the “Do Good” flag. This prevent teams splitting up and cheating.


David chilling in front of the Utah state capital.


We woke at 4:30am to drive to Wendover, NV to continue our challenges after about 2 hours of sleep.


Enjoy a sunrise.


Create a distorted perspective photo at the Salt Flats.


Take a picture in front of this mural.


We found this cool, but secret Mexican restaurant in the back alley of a city block. It looks so pretty.


Hike a trail not on the Cotopaxi list.


Hiking to Bloods Lake. You can also see the backpacks we got, on David’s back, from participating in Questival.


Jump in the water fully clothed.


Our Questival Team, the SLC Sunbeams.


Sunday morning… ok afternoon, David made us a breakfast fit for champions.


David posing downtown.


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