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Oregon the Beautiful!

David and I snuck out to Oregon for a few days this past weekend. Even though I lived there for about 12 years, I fell in love with Oregon all over again. Seeing the state through David’s eyes, as he saw it for the first time, made me realize just how stunning and lush it really is.
Home sweet home, and a view to boot!
Watching the sunset over the Willamette River on our first night in Oregon.
The Willamette River.
We took my Mom’s Miata out to Silver Creek Falls.
The weather was begging us to put the top down.
South Falls at Silver Creek Falls.
David, ever the explorer.
South Falls through the trees is always a favorite view of mine.
Panorama shot showing the hike that goes behind the falls.
Watch out for the spray from the falls.
A little wet behind the falls, but definitely worth it.
South Falls from the ground.
After South Falls, we continued on to see the next water fall on the hike.
Part of the beauty of Oregon is the lush green ground.
As the day warmed up, the little river provided some cooling down.
Lower South Falls
Lower South Falls provides another walk behind water fall.
We caught a rainbow circling the sun.
Behind Lower South Falls.
After two waterfalls, we started back to the car.
Before we left Silver Creek Falls, we caught a glimpse of Oregon in all her glory.
Later that night, we headed out to Mill Creek Park.
When the water is higher there are wading pools and rock slides.
Friday, we did a morning in Portland and then drove out to Cannon Beach.
Don’t see the sun? Well, that is Oregon beach weather for you.
David loved going out to find critters, and Cannon Beach did not disappoint.
Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach.
Under Haystack Rock were some very very small tide pools.
I think David became King of the Sea.
David’s Polaroid!
After the beach, we came back to Salem and got to see my buddy, Kavin!
Kavin was in such a great mood, he even hugged my Mom!
Saturday, we headed out to Pacific City, Lincoln City and Depoe Bay with the Oregon Ladies.
Karen finally found an exploring buddy in David.
I kept my distance, but David found a lot of new creatures in Pacific City.
The waters of Depoe Bay behind us (didn’t turn out)
Depoe Bay, home of the world’s smallest navigable harbor.
Courtney, Karen, Amy, David, and I.
Photo bomb.
Sunday, after breakfast with my sister Leanne, we drove to the Ankeny Wildlife Refuge.
So many birds and frogs and more critters.
David said in the beginning of the walk he wanted to find slugs and snails. And he did!
The bird hut.
Sunday evening, we went up to stay with my brother Nathan, and his family.
Corinnes room was almost as pink as David’s shirt.
Monday morning, on our drive back to Utah, we stopped at Multnomah Falls.
Looking North, over the Columbia Gorge.
A huge thanks to my Mom and Dad who provided us with lodging and food. Sorry we could spend more time you with both, but I love ya!

A Very Merry DOGgone Christmas

I hope you all had the most wonderful Christmas! I actually saw almost everyone who reads this blog this week, so to you I say, “hello again”!
David and I celebrated our Christmas on Tuesday evening since I would be flying to Oregon on Wednesday.
For our Christmas party at work, we were treated to a catered lunch from the Olive Garden. We also had a gift exchange where I landed the most comfy cozy blanket of all time!
Olive Garden is a tummy full of yums!
Just before we started the gift exchange.
Wednesday night, David drove me to the airport where I began my journey home for the holidays. It is always a wonderful thing when I get to be with my family and friends. So, despite the rough landing in Portland, it was a wonderful flight. I was even greeted with the dazzle of Oregon rain when I landed.
It wouldn’t be home without a wet Christmas.
My Oregon Ladies were so gracious to pick me up from the airport at night (just like they did last year). I suppose we now have a tradition of going to Red Robin after they pick me up since this was our second year of doing that as well!
Karen, Courtney and Amy are my lovely Oregon Ladies!
Christmas eve morning, I went out to breakfast with Karen and Amy. We sipped on yummy hot chocolate and shared some more laughs over our food.
Nathan’s family and Leanne came over and I got to spend some time with my siblings and nieces and nephew. Corinne got straight to sticking stickers all over my face!
Corinne gave me sticker pox!
This was a rare moment in history, when Jaxton, 1 – paid attention to me and 2 – sat with me.
It only lasted a couple of minutes, but I am glad I got it recorded with a picture.
On Boxing Day (the day after Christmas) Nathan and Leaa treated my pops and I with tickets to the Blazers game up in Portland. What a fun game, amazing seats and we won big time!
I love my family. Christmas evening, Aaron and Carolyn sent a picture of their family since they are living farr away in North Dakota right now. Then, the snow ball rolled down the hill.
Alex, Carolyn , Zach, Sydney, Aaron, Camryn and Ainsley.
Nathan took the picture of Jaxton, Leaa, Corinne and Layla.
Cody, Ryker, Jaycee, Brooke, Chalyce, Lauren and Brody.
Leanne, Gabby and Me.
Trent, Capri, Axel and Tori.
Lastly, to round out the Christmas evening selfies was Pops and Mom.
I certainly had a wonderful Christmas. I also got to spend some time with my friends Carol (Hi!!!) and Kavin and his wonderful parents, Denise and Alan. I do have some great friends.
Monday night I got to go to a Utah Petersen celebration to see aunts, uncles and cousins! It was fun and I am so blessed to have good people around me.
There is one perspective of Christmas, however, I wanted to share this year. Often the most over looked member of the Petersen family is Gabby. How was her Christmas you ask? “Ruff” she would say, and it was very very rough.
My name is Gabby, and this is my story.
So often these humans feel the need to hold me tight. I try to be polite and let them do what they must.
I told them, I don’t like pictures of myself, but they keep putting me in their selfies.
And then, they let the little ones play with my ears.
Do you know how long it took me to make those ears lay flat this morning?
Finally the little ones give the other dog, Bear, some attention…
…so I can run away and relax a little bit.
After everyone leaves, it’s time to think about my life and the woes of being a dog.
Then again, I do have an easy life and people who love me.
A pretty sad Christmas for Gabby. But I’m glad she took some time to look back over the weekend and love it. We sure do love her.

Family, Friends and a Birthday!

So much to share. I had a wonderful extended weekend in Salem where I got to see my dear friends Sis. Koford and Kavin and his family. The main reason for my visit was for my friend Karen’s birthday weekend extravaganza! Many picture are to follow so enjoy.
The weekend began with a trip down memory lane, as I stayed at my parents home while I was in Oregon. I was such a cool kid with all of my Goosebumps books!
I drove around my Mom’s Miata for the weekend. While I got one ride with the top down, the rest of the time was with the top up.
After doing some shopping, Amy and I went downtown to walk the bridge.
And of course stopped to take a photo!
The Willamette was low, but I guess that is normal for summer.
Friday night we went out to Coin Jam for some dinner and some games! I won at group Pac Man!
There were so many arcade games to choose from.
Watching Courtney and Karen race each other.
Karen and I playing group Pac Man.



I must have been losing. It doesn’t happen often.



Guitar Hero is always a winner!


After Coin Jam we walked down to get some frozen yogurt and I escorted the birthday girl!
Courtney, Amy, Karen, Me, Amanda and Jacob after a long night of gaming!
Saturday morning we went out to Word of Mouth for some delicious breakfast.
Karen went in to put our names on the wait list. We waited for 45 minutes to get in.
Courtney, Karen and I braving it at 7:30am.


Ok, things got a little silly. But with this group, being silly is normal.
We then blindfolded Karen and took her to BINGO!
It was my first time paying Bingo professionally, and while no one on our team won, we did have fun.
Barbara and Courtney were quiet serious.
Karen was pretty pleased we went to Bingo!
Me, Karen, Barbara and Courtney.
After Bingo, we watched some cute animal shows while cuddling under blankets.
Saturday evening, we went over to Amanda and Jacob’s home for a BBQ!
The sun setting over a jar of Hydrangeas, which are my favorite flower.!
My photo, of Amanda taking a photo of Karen, Amanda (2) and Amy.
The ladies of the night, Top left: Amy, Karen. Bottom Left: Courtney, Amanda (2) and Amanda.
The gents of the night, who happened to dress alike, Jacob and Me.
Karen got a trophy for her birthday. Trophies just happen to be one of Karen’s favorite things!
Then we struck up the fire to get ready for some smores.
Karen got some birthday cake and a birthday song after the sun went down.
Such a tasty cake, but oh so rich!
Sunday, I woke up to this beautiful, Oregon morning.
We went over to Amy and Karen’s to have some breakfast.
Amy made fresh squeezed orange juice.
And Karen made her Dutch baby Pancake!
This was the most delicious breakfast I have had in a very long time!
That afternoon, we were off to the Oregon Coast!
But we did make a pit stop on our way.
We got some Subway sandwiches and did a picnic on the beach, in the rain, because that is how Oregonian’s roll.
Coats and sweaters on the beach!
Gleneden Beach, Oregon.
And a selfie, because I can.
Amy and I braved the cold Oregon Coast water.
Karen and Amy.
Me, Karen and Amy.
Finally, for once in her life, Karen was taller than me. That proud look on her face is priceless.
Because of the rain, the sand sticks to your feet like mud.
The Coast Crew. Karen, Courtney, Amanda, Me and Amy.
For my artistic shot, I borrowed Karen’s boots.
Karen also made a sea turtle.
We actually didn’t take the beach trail, but the sign is cool.
The beach at Devils Punchbowl.
The Devil’s Punchbowl with some crazies inside when the tide was coming in.
Then, after hours or clouds and rain, the sun broke though and it got very hot, very quick.
So the sweaters came off (mostly) and the sunglasses came on. Amanda, Courtney, Amy, Karen and me.
Karen likes to straddle the line and so she did so on the wall over the rocks.
The rocks at Depoe Bay.
Amy, Karen and Me soaking in the sun.
Yes, another selfie. This won’t be the last either.
Depoe Bay, Oregon. Home to the world’s smallest harbor.
Close up selfie and Karen and me.
Close up selfie of Amy and me.
And, because all the cool kids are doing it, a foot selfie.
And one with me and Karen.
Ok, maybe I took too many selfies?!
As the sun started to go down in Depoe Bay, we decided we better head to our sunset spot.
We got to Road’s End Beach in Lincoln City, OR just in time.
Me, Amy, Karen, Courtney and Amanda waiting for the sunset.
Last selfie, I promise.
We got some pizza for the sunset show and watched the cutest family reunion group play games.
Road’s End Beach.
And the sun goes down.
And then some clouds came in and covered up the sun.
But Karen didn’t mind. Watch the sun set at the beach is also one of her favorite things to do.
Amy taking a photo of Karen watching the sunset.
We got a tiny glimpse of the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean. With two yahoo’s in the water!
Flying home, I got a great view of Mt. Hood.
But I also could see Mt. St. Helens, Mt Adams and Mt. Rainier in the background.


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