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Art, Wedding and Football Nights

As if we don’t have enough pieces of art in our home… Ha, there is no such thing as too much art.

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A Tale of Two Theos

Theo started this week out as a happy-go-lucky, playful pup. He ended the week with staples and medication.

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After a New Year

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions anymore. I stopped doing that about 8 years ago. For some time I made year mottos, but that only last 3 years. Now, I just try and live a good life and become a better person. Do you set New Year’s resolutions still? If so, what are some of yours for this year?

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New and Old Memories of Christmas

I remember as a child, trekking out into the national forest, boots laced up, coat zipped, staring up at each tree. Searching for a fresh tree and cutting it down is a fond memory I hold. Year after year we would obtain a permit to located, cut, and remove our family’s 24 foot tall Christmas Tree. Yes, 24 feet tall! While those days are gone, they have not faded from my memory.

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