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Christmas Time Is Here

Christmas has just barely passed and it already feels like weeks ago. Isn’t it crazy how time does that to us?

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Goodbye Halloween

John, the President of Aztec Financial dressed as a cowboy for Halloween. But that wasn’t the end, he brought in his horse!


The horse behaved very well indoors at the company Halloween Party.



I picked the scariest costume I could find this year. (picture from a co-workers social media account)


After one particular long day at work, I decided to take a bath. After about 20 minutes of wandering around, the dogs finally found me.


Boston was particularity sad he couldn’t get to me even though he hates taking his own baths.


I have been making a new potato recipe the last few weeks. There are always left over potatoes so I started using them to make cheesy fries as an appetizer.


They are quite delicious.


Over the weekend, David was feeling sick again so we took him into Instant Care. We were worried he might have pneumonia again. Luckily he doesn’t!


On Sunday night, we had dinner with the Swain’s and celebrated David’s birthday!



A Valentines to Remember

David joined me during my afternoon at work to go to Zupas for lunch. He surprised me with a fresh bouquet of flowers. Don’t worry, I made sure to get some flowers for David as well. I got him a plant of mini roses. David loves plants and so I figured a plant of roses would last longer than roses cut at the stem. After work, David had the whole apartment decorated in pinks, reds, and whites. It was so fun to come home to such color and love. We went to a couples movie theater to watch a scary movie, Split. A couples theater, by the way, is seats groups by twos, that recline together. It was a fun new way to watch a movie, and all at a lower price than the regular theater. To cap the evening, we went to David’s favorite restaurant, Squatters.


Flowers from David.




The cupcakes and heart shaped cake had just come out of the oven when I got home from work. The apartment smelled so delicious.




David at Squatters.

A Very Merry Christmas

I hope each and every one of you have a wonderful Christmas with those who you love. I apologize for not blogging last week but with traveling home from Washington and trying to get my photos to download correctly it just got to be too late in the week. I was blessed to be able to fly home to Washington to be with the majority of my family this Christmas. But before I left the cold and snowy state of Utah, I made sure to have some fun at work and go see the Lights at Temple Square one more time.


Ugly Christmas sweaters at work. Me, Erin, Taylor, and Cinthya.


Company Christmas party and lunch.


The company gift exchange. I snagged the most beautiful blanket!


During the week, David and I met his family in downtown Salt Lake City to tour the Christmas Lights on Temple Square as a family. I got a few more pictures to share with you. If you want to see more, check out my entry from a couple weeks ago where you can see all the Christmas Lights and see the video of the Lights at Temple Square I made.




Late Friday the 23rd, I said goodbye to David and hopped on a flight up to Washington. I was happy that I was able to spend this weekend with my family and make some long lasting memories. You’ll see I took a lot of pictures with the adults. While we were out sledding I took one with my mom and then thought, I should get one with everyone. I started to run around and jump into conversations to snap a selfie with everyone. Luckily they were all good sports and posed for the picture with me.


Waiting for the flight to depart at SLC airport.


Trent and I.


Brody climbing up the sledding hill.


The snow was fresh and thick.


Trent with his youngest, Axel.


Brooke, braving the cold to get in some good runs.


Mom and I.


Pops and me.


Brooke, Carolyn, and me.


Tori and me. Brooke is in the background prepping for WWIII (kids v adults) which you will see in the upcoming video.


Ainsley and me.


Aaron and me.


Cody and me.


Leanne and me.


Poor Axel. He was laying under the tree catching the gently falling snow flakes on his tongue when pops kicked the tree, sending an avalanche of snow all over him.


Sneak attack from Brooke with a snowball to the face. Don’t worry, revenge is sweet.


Mom experiencing virtual reality for the first time. More of this to see in the coming video.


I also got to spend a couple hours with my dear friend Jessica. It had been a long time since our last get together and this was long over due.

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