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Goodbye Halloween

John, the President of Aztec Financial dressed as a cowboy for Halloween. But that wasn’t the end, he brought in his horse!


The horse behaved very well indoors at the company Halloween Party.



I picked the scariest costume I could find this year. (picture from a co-workers social media account)


After one particular long day at work, I decided to take a bath. After about 20 minutes of wandering around, the dogs finally found me.


Boston was particularity sad he couldn’t get to me even though he hates taking his own baths.


I have been making a new potato recipe the last few weeks. There are always left over potatoes so I started using them to make cheesy fries as an appetizer.


They are quite delicious.


Over the weekend, David was feeling sick again so we took him into Instant Care. We were worried he might have pneumonia again. Luckily he doesn’t!


On Sunday night, we had dinner with the Swain’s and celebrated David’s birthday!



Pumpkin Creations

I hope you all have a spooky and yummy Halloween!


The trees outside my work window are simply to die for in the fall. The base is a bright green and turns shades of yellow, orange, to finish in burning red at the top.


Saturday evening, we headed up to Brighton Ski resort for a little Halloween dance party.


Sarah, Ashley, Bryce, David, Me, Paden, and Royce.



We didn’t realize there would be a hike from the parking lot, but it wasn’t terribly long or unbearably steep. These little pumpkins led our way.


Sunday, David and I drove up to Station Park, in Farmington, Utah to spend some time in a beautiful outdoor mall.


I love that there is outdoor furniture everywhere for people to sit and enjoy the fountain.




The outdoor mall is styled after a European town. It sure takes me back.


My very yummy Green Apple and Vanilla Italian Soda.


David with his pop concoction.


We finally carved our Halloween pumpkins. Mine is on the left and is supposed to be a cute cyclops. David went for a very scary jack-o-lantern.


We also painted our little pup pumpkins. David did Boston’s and did a very cute likeness.


I took Theo’s and did an abstract interpretation.

Goin’ to the Country

Thursday night, David and I met his family at Cross E Ranch, in North Salt Lake City. This is the second year I have been to this small family farm.


Cross E Ranch has a hay slide, kids area, farm food, and more to enjoy.


The pumpkin patch was pretty picked over. I didn’t care too much as I was only wanting the pumpkins for photos.


This guy walked right into my shot, but he kinda made this photo what it is, so I am happy.


David wanted to Bee in my photo.


The ranch also had a corn kernel pit. This is a foot deep play area of corn kernels.


The hay slide, where David’s sister, Khemia, lost her wedding ring. Talk about a needle in a haystack. We never did find it.


We entered the corn maze twice. The first time we exited the same way we came in. The second time took much longer and we traversed most of the maze.


This weekend the boys had their share of relaxing and playing. They are starting to cuddle more and more, and it melts my heart.


Theo staring down his brother during a play session.


Boston might look innocent, but he is one tough puppy.


I then tried to pose the dogs. Boston posed all by himself without me having to retake any photos.


Theo does not pose. This is with the help of David in the background and the deletion of many blurry Theo photos.


If there is one thing these dogs love more than their humans, it is playing in the leaves.


They love to jump, catch, chase, and roll through the leaves.




Sunday, David and I went to scope our wedding reception venue. It was closed for another wedding but we were able to peek through the window. This is not the venue, but a historic house on the same land.


Autumn Bridge at Wheeler Farm.



We have enjoyed some beautiful sunsets this past week. Tonight’s just filled the room with a sense of warmth.

Late Nights

Thursday, around 1:00 am, David woke up with shooting pains in his left shoulder and left chest. His heart rate was elevated. He had a fever. He was not doing well. We called my mom and his sister and they both encouraged us to take him into the ER. So to the ER we went. After several tests and crossing several other issues off the list, it was determined David and┬ápneumonia. We got home about 6:00 am and slept until 11:00am. I took the day off work to sleep and get David’s medicine and other needs. Luckily, David is doing much better today.


We first got to the ER around 1:30 am.


We had a great nurse and nice doctors who took care of David throughout the night.


The morphine got David a little loopy, but helped ease the pain.


After many hours awake, when we should have been sleeping, we were able to go home.


Sunday night, with David starting to feel better, we decided to make Apple Fritters at his parents home.


This is a recipe David has made before, but this was by far his best batch.


I assisted in making the glaze and glazing the fritters.





The cook.




They were so delicious, they were more than half eaten before we finished making them all. However, they are best eaten fresh so it was a good thing.

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